What is a Sector?
A Sector is a piece of land on the planet Earth of which you can become the owner. It is the smallest unit of administrative territory on the planet.
How many Sectors are there on planet Earth?
There are only 1,000,000 Sectors on our virtual planet, and the number is shrinking as you read this sentence.
How much does one Sector cost?
One Sector costs one dollar, regardless of which prestigious region of the planet your Sector is located. You can purchase as many Sectors as you like, and they can be either adjacent to one other or in different parts of the planet.
How do I pay for a Sector?
You can purchase Sectors with Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, or text message on your mobile device. Every payment system charges its own fees for transactions, and unfortunately we cannot change this. The least expensive way to pay for a Sector is therefore a credit card, and the most expensive, but also the most convenient method, is text message.
What do I need to do to have my own city/country?
In order to create your own city, you need to connect at least 100 Sectors with common borders, and to be ruler of an entire country you need to connect at least 1,000 Sectors with common borders. If a quiet country lifestyle is more to your liking, you can establish a small village of 25 Sectors.
Can I name my city/country?
Of course you can! Our planet has the following units of administrative territory: village, city, country; any of these can be named. You can become the ruler of your very own Switzerland, Venice, or Monte Carlo, or come up with a completely original name for your country. Your personal city can be located at its actual coordinates or in any other part of the planet.
Why do I need a city or a country?
Once created the country, city or village receive their own border, visible to all people. You can name your country, city and village anyway you like. Besides, you can choose a color for you country and city and all people will see them on the planet from space.
How do I unite sectors?
Only sectors that share a common border can be united into one larger sector. To unite sectors you need to click on adjacent sectors that you own, you will see a pop-up where you will be offered to unite sectors. Notice - once united sectors cannot be separated.
How much does it cost to name a city/country?
Naming a village costs $15, a city - $10, and a country - $5.
What is an electronic Visiting Card?
When you purchase a Sector on our planet, you have the opportunity to create your own permanent Visiting Card. Your card can contain any information about yourself, including your address, phone numbers, social network pages, or anything you want to share. Once you create a Visiting Card, you can send it to your friends and colleagues instead of paper ones.
How do I create an individual link to my Sector and Visiting Card?
Once you have become a landowner on our planet, you can manage your Sectors and Visiting Card through your account. To receive a link to your personal electronic Visiting Card, you can visit the "My Profile" or "My Sectors" sections in your account. The link to your Visiting Card will be generated automatically.
How can I make my photo or avatar visible over my Sector?
Once you purchase a Sector, you can place your photo or avatar right above it. This can be done in your account settings. All inhabitants of the planet will be able to see the image you have placed, both from space and as they zoom in on your Sector.
How long can I reserve adjacent Sectors if I want to invite friends to become my neighbors?
Reservations last for three days, after which the Sectors will become available to all users

If you still have questions regarding our service, please contact us at support@3dworldplanet.com, and we will be happy to answer you and add to our FAQ.

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