The Site and Social Service are for informational and entertainment purposes only and are intended for personal non-commercial use by Users/Registered Users. By registering and using the Site and Social Service, you agree to the terms and conditions hereunder privacy. In the event that you disagree with the terms and conditions hereunder, you must immediately cease use of the Site and Social Service. In providing to the User/Registered User the opportunity to use the Site and Social Service, the Owner, being a respectable party, assumes that that User/Registered User: has all the necessary rights permitting them to register and use the Site and Social Service; shall provide accurate information about themselves; acknowledges that information on the Site published by the User/Registered User about themselves may be accessible to other Users/Registered Users, any may be copied and distributed by such Users/Registered Users; is familiar with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, agrees with them and accepts the rules and obligations thereunder.

The Owner and/or its Partners shall not verify the accuracy of information received (collected) on Users/Registered Users.

The Owner and/or its Partners shall process the information on Users/Registered Users, including their personal information, for the purposes of fulfilling their own obligations to Users/Registered Users under the Terms of Use.

Information Sources.

While registering on the Site, as well as while using the Social Service, the User/Registered User shall provide information about themselves.

This information is provided by the User/Registered User voluntarily, and in the amount necessary and sufficient for the Owner to fulfill its obligation to the User/Registered User.

The Owner shall use the information provided by the User/Registered User solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligation to the User/Registered User to provide the opportunity to use the Social Service in accordance with the conditions described hereunder.

Content of information on Users/Registered Users.

The minimum information to be provided by Users to register on the Site is: e-mail address, login name, User's password.

The information necessary to make payment under the conditions specified hereunder shall be provided by Users/Registered Users directly to the Owner's Partners and used under the conditions of the corresponding Partners' rules, which are available on the Partners' sites.

The Owner of the Social Service/its Partners shall also process any information on Users/Registered Users, including:

  • standard information automatically received by the http server upon accessing the site during subsequent activities of the User/Registered User (host IP address, type of operating system, web-pages visited).
  • information automatically received upon accessing the Site while using cookies;
  • information received as a result of the User's/Register User's activities on the Site while using the Social Service, including while filling out the Registered User's Visiting Card.

Processing of Users'/Registered Users' information, including their personal information, shall be conducted on the basis of the following principles:

  1. legality of the purposes and methods of processing the information/personal information;
  2. integrity;
  3. compliance of the purposes for processing the information/personal information with the predefined purposes that were declared during the collection of the personal information, as well as with the authority of the Owner and/or its Partners;
  4. compliance of the volume and nature of the processed information/personal information and the methods of processing information/personal information with the purposes of said processing;

A Registered User's personal information shall be collected during registration on the Site, as well as while filling out information on their Visiting Card.

Personal information shall be provided by the Registered User on their own initiative.

Storage and use of Personal Information.

Users'/Registered Users' personal information shall be stored exclusively in electronic format and processed by automated systems, except in cases where non-automated processing of personal information is necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of legislation.

Personal information shall not be transferred to any third parties, except as expressly provided for hereunder.

With the User's/Registered User's permission, their personal information may be sent to third party Partners on the condition that such Partners accept the obligation to ensure confidentiality of the received information.

Users'/Registered Users' personal date shall be submitted upon request by authorized government bodies as provided for under applicable legislation.

Personal data shall be destroyed when:

  • the User/Registered User independently deletes the information on their Account and/or Visiting Card;
  • the Owner deletes information published by the User/Registered User, including in their Visiting Card, as well as the Registered User's Account, as provided for hereunder.

In the event that a Registered User's Account is deleted for any reason, including independent deletion by the Registered User of their Account, the Owner shall store in electronic form the personal information of the Registered User for three years from the moment of the Account's deletion.

The information collected enables the maintenance, protection and development of the Social Service and its functionality, and also ensures the security of the Social Service, Owner, Partners and other Users/Registered Users.

Requests and other messages sent by Users/Registered Users may be saved. The Owner may send notification to the E-mail address of the User/Registered User provided during registration of upcoming changes or improvements to the Social Service, as well as other Service Messages.

The information collected through cookies and other technologies enables the improvement of the functionality and general quality of the Social Services and its services.

In the event that it becomes necessary to use the information for purposes other than those listed hereunder, prior consent shall be requested.

The Owner shall receive and develop Users'/Registered Users' personal information on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Access to information.

Each User/Registered User has the right:

  • To view and manage their personal information by using their Account Settings;
  • To view information on the Site;
  • To use the functionality of the Social Service to publish information about themselves, including their personal information and/or to receive access to the information of other Registered Users.

Changing Personal Information.

The User/Registered User shall have access to their personal information through their Account. The User shall have the opportunity to correct false personal information, in which case the revised personal information shall not be stored, except when the storage is required for legitimate commercial or legal purposes.

The Owner the right to refuse repetitive applications, as well as requests that require extensive technical work (for example, the creation of a new system or significant changes to the existing one), that would put the confidentiality of other Users/Registered Users and/or Partners at risk, as well as requests containing useless suggestions.

All requests to obtain and correct information shall be performed free of charge provided that they do not involve excessive technical difficulties. The Social Service shall operate in such a way as to minimize the risk of accidental or intentional corruption of data. After deletion of any information by the User/Registered User, the deleted information shall continue to be stored on active servers for the specified time. Thus there may be back-up copies.

The Owner shall not disclose Users'/Registered Users' personal information to companies, organizations, or private individuals not associated with the Owner, except in the following cases:

  • The User/Registered User has consented to this.
  • The Owner may provide information about the User/Registered User to companies, organizations or private individuals not associated with the Owner if the User/Registered User has provided consent to this. For the disclosure of special categories of Personal Information (for example, concerning race, nationality, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, health conditions, intimacy) the Owner shall request the consent of the User.
  • For processing by third parties.
  • The Owner may send Personal Information to trusted third parties and its Parties for processing in compliance with the Privacy Policy and other security requirements.
  • As required by legislation.

The Owner shall present Users'/Registered Users' information to authorized persons and government bodies if the Owner believes in good faith that the receipt, use, storage or disclosure of such information is reasonable necessary for the purpose of:

  • fulfilling or complying with applicable legislation, normative legal acts, judicial decisions or enforceable requests of government institutions;
  • enforcing the Terms of Use or investigating possible violations thereof;
  • identifying, preventing, or otherwise obstructing fraud, as well as eliminating technical difficulties or security issues;
  • protecting the rights, property or security of the Owner, Partners, other Users/Registered Users or the general public as required and permitted by law.

Data Protection

The Owner shall take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect themselves, its Partners and all Users/Registered Users from unauthorized attempts to access, alter, disclose or destroy stored information, including:

  • Constantly improving the methods of collecting, storing and processing information, including physical security measures to counter illegal access to all systems and services.
  • Restricting access to the personal information of Users/Registered Users to employees of the Owner and/or its Partners.
  • Using SSL encryption for the Social Service.
  • Applying strict contractual obligations on its employees and Partners to ensure nondisclosure of confidential information received, the violation of which shall result in serious consequences.
  • transferring information from Users/Registered Users to the Social Service in an encrypted form, inaccessible to third parties.
  • storing the passwords of Users/Registered Users in an encrypted form, inaccessible to the Owner's employees and/or Partners, as well as to malicious hackers in the event of hacking.

Sphere of Application

This Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Social Service.

From time to time this Privacy Policy may be changed. However, the rights of Users/Registered Users will not be limited without their express consent. All updates to the Privacy Policy shall be reflected on this page, the most important of which the Owner will inform you of additionally in the form of a Service Message).

Unauthorized Access to the Site

In the event that it is discovered that the natural operation of the Site has been violated by any means, including changing the URL, publication of an unauthorized URL in the media, changing the pages, fake messages, automatic start-up programs, or other activities regarded as abuse, the Owner has the right to delete the Account through which such violations were performed.

The Owner shall take all possible measures and make every effort to preliminarily test the entire content of the Site, as well as measures to prevent the intrusion of any malicious programs on the Site and/or in any of its contents. At the same time, in the event of any failure or error leading to possible losses, the Owner shall not be responsible for any damages.

All rights regarding the Site are reserved. The Site as a whole and all its component parts are intended only for private use for personal, non-commercial purposes. You do not have the right to use the Site or any parts or contents thereof for any purposes other than personal, non-commercial use in compliance with these Terms of Use.

By registering on the Site, you agree with these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy, taking into consideration all the periodic changes made to them. The obligation to periodically visit this section of the Site for the purposes of acquainting oneself with such changes lies on the User/Registered User.

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